gecko76writes (gecko76writes) wrote,

Tutoring on the brink

(The college is running a competition for students and staff to describe the college through their eyes).

This year, like every other year,
Is unlike every other year,
Except it's not

It starts with enrolment
Names and faces known and not
Returners and recidivists and blessed innocents
Relationships to build on if you're lucky

You're best to start tutorials there and then

First day, first week
Getting to know you
How to learn
And what, and why

And we're good for a while
But by October things are slipping
Attendance is dipping
As the clocks go back
And the mornings get darker
And then the evenings
And kids get ill
And work patterns shift
And half term is a break
That's hard to come back from

The first round of assessments are a shot in the arm
A shot in the dark for some
Feedback needs to be fast
Lines of communication stretch to the point of breaking
And new ways need to be found quickly
WhatsApp is where it's at for now

Christmas into January all is cold and quiet
Routines and rituals take over
To keep things ticking over
Giving time to take stock
Make resolutions

Things pick up in spring
(Semester two is always better)
New students with new questions
And a general urge to get out
To break the tyranny of the timetable
With trips and talks and placements and projects
Between the training and the tests

Good God we're near the end
A rush to get everything finished

Parties and picnics to celebrate
Who we are and what we've done
And where we're going

Before it all starts over again

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